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1. Soldiers guarding the DMZ 2. One of many shooting incidents 3. Average one shooting incident every 10 days
4. More armed conflict 5. Spies were always a concern 6. Infiltrators abound
7. Students organize nationwide riot 8. Riots and DMZ aggression continues 9. More infiltrators
10. More spies 12. SCUNK boat Surface Craft Unidentified North Korean 13. North Korean Defector
14. US soldier defects to North Korea 15. North Korean propoganda leaflet with US soldier defector 16. Enemy frogmen swim down the Imjin River
17. North Korean frogmen killed 18. Deadly river crossing 18. Mines were deadly in Korea
19. Manhunt for infiltrators 20. More gun fire in the DMZ 21 More spies killed
22. Continuous accusations 23. A later shooting on the DMZ 24. Assorted propaganda leaflets
25. Armed incursion into the North 26. Return of bodies and equipment display 27. Map of the American Sector of the DMZ
28. Imjin River bridge map 29. Panmunjom Map