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1. PFC Osterhout in Basic Training 2. Officer Candidate Osterhout 3. 2LT Osterhout 172d Light Infantry Brigade AK
4. 2LT Osterhout skiing military style AK 5. 2LT Osterhout Range Offier AK 6. Foreboding Imjin Bridge leading to the DMZ
7. 1LT Osterhout outside his office bunker Camp Greaves ROK 8. 1LT Osterhout reading mail from home Camp Liberty Bell ROK 9. 1LT Osterhout mine field familiarization
10. One of the many sets of bones found 11. 1LT Osterhout Route Recon ROK 12. Marker Southern Boundary DMZ
13. Outside Officers Club 14. Officers Club veranda dining in bridge in background 15. Icebergs in river hide frogmen
16. Frogmen sometimes hide in icebergs 17. 1LT Osterhout Imjin River bank 18. Patrol coming in from DMZ ready for debriefing
19. One of many tunnels underneath the DMZ 20. 1LT Osterhout near ROK observation post 21. 1LT Osterhout washing up in well
22. 1LT Osterhout expolsive ordinance disposal detail 23. 1LT Osterhout debriefing a patrol 24. CPT Osterhout Brooke Army Medical Center
Colonel Osterhout with Texas Governor Rick Perry